Burger and beer… A perfect pair

J-Fat's Cowboy Burger.

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Burgers and beer are two of our passions here at JFAT and when combined there’s nothing that resembles comfort food more than B&B.

Our burgers are as simple or as complex as you want them to be but they all start with the most important ingredient…a half-pound of specially seasoned, freshly ground Certified Angus Beef. You can order our basic Classic Cheeseburger or ramp it up with one of our over the top signature burgers that layer flavor upon flavor to creating an explosion in your mouth.

Next you need something special to wrap your hands around and our buns are something truly unique that come with a history…the Parker House roll. This special dough was named after the Boston hotel where they originated during the 1870’s. They were made with yeast, flour, butter and egg and baked side by side in pans then pulled apart after for serving.

This process makes them exceptionally soft and moist. Our bakery, Bread Artisan Bakery located in downtown Santa Ana, makes this signature roll only for JFAT.

So the story is the same with our draft beers. You can have a simple ale, or experiment with craft beer by adding out of the box ingredients. Here are a couple of our favorite pairings…

  • Classic Cheeseburger paired with our signature JFAT Blonde by Golden Road Brewing out of Anaheim, CA. This crisp, clean, and refreshing beer compliments the fresh tomatoes, lettuce, and onion while providing a seamless balance of slight hop in the Blonde and richness of the certified angus beef.

    Cowboy burger
    Cowboy Burger

    blonde ale
    JFAT’s very own Blonde Ale

  • Cowboy Burger paired with Ellie’s Brown Ale by Avery Brewing out of Boulder, CO, This richer/maltier beer will bring out the smokiness and sweetness of the BBQ sauce and cut through the Applewood smoked bacon and cheddar nicely.

    housemade salt and pepper potato chips
    Housemade Salt & Pepper Potato Chips

  • Spicy California Burger paired with Bootlegger’s Far Out IPA out of Fullerton, CA. This hoppy beer will match the intensity of the jalapenos and roasted green chiles creating a balanced finish after each bite. Hoppy and Spicy go hand in hand.

    spicy california burger for your Burgers and beer fix!
    Spicy California burger

So join us every Monday Night at any of our locations for any of our signature burgers and your draft beer of choice for only $12! This special is also available  at our two newest locations in Woodland Hills and Brea as we continue celebrating our recent openings!


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  1. shruti

    mmmmm… nothing better like a burger and a beer…. Thank you for the pairing tips, for people like me, who don’t know much about beer pairing, this is very helpful and I will definitively try a couple of these pairings next time i visit Jimmy’s Famous!