Mom’s Pot Roast

Pot roast with sweet onion sauce.

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For me, the first of October has always signified the beginning of autumn and the onset of the holiday season. The few deciduous trees that we have here in California start to show some color and the mornings and evenings show up with a little chill in the air. Having grown up in Michigan, the fall was always my favorite … Read More

Famous Chicken Dish… A gift from Florence

Pollo al Burro, my version.

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A friend of mine’s son recently shared that he was going to Italy to see Tuscany for the first time. Only in his mid-20’s, he was already extremely well-traveled throughout both Europe and South America and had already been to Italy 4 times, but never to Tuscany. He planned on meeting a girl who lived in Bologna and that they … Read More

American Melting Pot

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One of the unique and wonderful aspects of American food is that it all came from someplace else…just like us. Maybe because of this we’ve never had any issue with combining ingredients in non-traditional ways, which is so unlike European traditions, where each country has its own cuisine and there’s not a lot of ‘fusion’ of different ethnic dishes going … Read More

Zuni Café’s Famous Chicken Salad

Finished zuni salad dish.

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Over the years my many trips to San Francisco included a stop at Zuni Café. This iconic café was founded by Chef Judy Rogers back in 1987 and was a regular stop for chefs and foodies who either lived in or visited San Francisco. It’s an airy, glass walled, two story restaurant serving chilled Pacific Northwest oysters, Bloody Marys, what … Read More

Grilled Leg of Lamb… be not afraid!

Grilled of lamb dish finished.

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With the summer grilling season at its peak I’d be remiss if I didn’t urge you to try one of my backyard barbecue favorites… rosemary, cracked pepper & mint grilled leg of lamb. Last Easter I rhapsodized to you over the flavor of grilled Colorado lamb chops but it can be challenging grilling a bunch of individual chops for a … Read More

Michigan Mom’s Potato Salad

Garnished potato salad

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With 4th of July right around the corner we are now officially in the sweet spot of summer. Growing up, my early summer memories of this holiday included lots of potluck family picnics in the heavily wooded parks of rural Michigan. We were part of a very large family so each picnic was heavily attended by a seemingly endless collection … Read More

Cinco de Mayo… A celebration of Mexican street food and tequila!

Warm tortilla chips with a dip.

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I admit to being an unadulterated junkie when it comes to Mexican food, and based upon the number of times I eat it each month or cook it at home, I guess it would have to be considered my favorite. I always have a couple containers of frijoles de la olla and chile verde in my freezer so on short … Read More

Mardi Gras

JFAT's mardi gras brunch special

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Surely one of the most colorful holiday celebrations in the US is that of Mardi Gras and at JFAT we feature a week-long celebration that brings a little bit of N’awlins to all our Guests. Mardi Gras is said to date back thousands of years to pagan celebrations of spring and fertility, including the raucous Roman festivals of Saturnalia and … Read More