Chalkboard Artist Extraordinaire

Amanda posing besides a J-Fat logo on a wall.

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In each of our restaurants we have chalkboards that we use to advertise and promote special events along with seasonal food and beverage offerings. The challenge we were facing though was finding someone in each area with the talent to keep these looking good. I mentioned earlier that at JFAT we like to do business with local vendors like fisherman, farmers and growers whenever possible, so when we were told about a chalkboard artist who was willing to travel to different areas we were anxious to meet her. What we didn’t realize, until she did our first board, was how amazingly talented she was so I was very excited to feature her on our blog.

chalkboard about brunch sundays


Amanda-Lee Harris is a native southern California artist who works with a variety of mediums but has a particular affinity for chalk art. As a child she dabbled in the usual ‘crayon-on-the-wall’ arts which her mother left untouched because they were early masterpieces. When she grew a little older she had a brief stint with commissioned counterfeit signatures to exonerate herself and fellow classmates from late homework penalties. In her spare time she also practiced precisely recreating fonts from the family computer. Her short lived careers during elementary school formed the groundwork for the locally acclaimed artwork that adorns the walls and menu boards of several different restaurants and cafes today.

amanda lee, our amazing chalkboard artist caught in her magic of creating chalkboard art

Caught in the art of creating her magic

These days, she spends her time doing commissioned paintings (miniatures and full sized canvases) and chalkboards. Her chalkboard art is very well received because the art she depicts captures the soul of the cities where local restaurants make their home. She has fine attention to detail and pulls off remarkable photo-realistic portraits of delicious entrees. (Several customers have considered filing complaints after biting into chalkboards mistaking it for their ordered meals.)

Amazing Burger Look-a-like

Burger & drinks board

Amanda’s goal is to grab your attention with vibrant colors and eerily perfect handwriting. She likes to highlight the sights in the cities where her clients set up shop. She enjoys reminding locals about the treasures they have within short distance of their homes. She also enjoys taunting them with delicious looking pictures of food & drink specials that make their mouths water.

Her Latest work at San Diego JFAT

Her Latest work at JFAT San Diego

Amanda hopes you appreciate the artwork she creates to dazzle you while you wait for your meal or to be seated. She hopes it takes your mind off your hunger for at least a little while and that it inspires you to eat at Jimmy’s… all the time!

On top of her amazing talents she’s also incredibly nice and a real pleasure to work with and marvel at. We’re anxious to follow her endeavors in the future and hope you enjoy her art as much as we are proud to have it displayed in JFAT!


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  1. jorge

    WOW, Amanda is so creative! I don’t think i could do anything like what she does… Her artwork really gives a great personality to Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern… Great job, Amanda!

  2. niki

    This is sooooo cool! I love chalkboard art and Amanda takes it to the next level!

  3. Rebecca Bryant

    Amanda is an absolute professional and a dream to work with. She is beyond talented and did a painting of my daughter that is simply timeless and beautiful.
    I would recommend her to even the most particular clients.

  4. Joyce Oliver-Collins


    Very proud of her art work. Appears that her childhood love of chalk has followed, she has captured and representing it in a beautiful form of art. Great work!

  5. Moriah

    Such a talented artist! Love her work in your restaurants, I’ve never seen chalk work so clean, realistic and vibrant (almost as if it was printed from a computer). I look forward to seeing more of your incredible work Amanda!