JFAT introduces our own branded Blonde Ale

The J-Fat Blonde, one of J-Fat's popular drinks.

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We’re excited to announce the debut of our new JFAT branded Blonde Ale made exclusively for us by our friends at Golden Road Brewing located in Glendale, California.

This 4.8% ABV blonde brew delivers a crisp, clean taste with touches of sweetness from the honey malt along with the mild fruit and spice flavors from the German Opal hop aromatics.

Opal Hops is another product of the Hops Research Center in Hull, Germany. It was bred around the turn of the 2nd century, and is somewhat evasive hop variety in that it is not that easy to find. The bitterness in Opal Hops is respectable, and the aroma has substance. It’s a combination of some spicy gusto mixed with tones of citrus. It is very much German, and is applied anywhere throughout the brew process in beer styles such as Pilsners, Hefewizens, Hells, Lagers, and more.

So next time you stop in at your local JFAT look for our ‘Skull & Crossbones’ tap handle, give it a try. It’s also being served as a chaser for our most popular cocktail… our Famous Bloody Mary!


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