What makes a taco delicious? Its simplicity!

J-Fat's Fish Taco's close-up.

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Every time early summer arrives and the first warm, morning sun washes across me I think of the warm places I’ve spent time… and Cabo San Lucas is one of my favorite places for a quick getaway.

I love hanging at the beaches walking and watching the surf, but after a morning of this, I’m ready for some icy margaritas and fresh fish tacos.

I’ve had lots of different versions but the ones I like best are the simplest, usually dredged in a little chile powder, grilled and served with a freshly made pico de gallo of some kind often served at small, local beachside stands along the Baja Coast.

As we’ve just rolled out our new summer menu we are featuring a daily selection of fish tacos. The best way to enjoy them is in freshly made corn tortillas, but our kitchens don’t have the capability of making them from scratch so we buy what I think are the best commercially produced tortillas I have ever had. They are made by a Santa Rosa based, family owned company called La Tortilla Factory. They have been voted as one of the ‘Best Places to Work in the San Francisco Bay Area’ for the last eight years. They make lots of varieties but we use the stone ground yellow corn version. They are thick, moist and have the true masa flavor when warmed.

Chile-blackened Mahi and Salmon Tacos

We feature a daily selection of seafood including chile-blackened Mahi and Salmon, ‘Baja style’ beer battered slipper tail lobster, or spiced Shrimp topped with a freshly made mango or papaya pico de gallo, slices of avocado and little freshly made chipotle slaw.

“Baja style” beer battered slipper tail lobster taco

Sometimes we can’t decide which version we like better so we’ll be offering multiple options for you. Each plate comes with Mexican style red chile rice and ‘borracho’ (drunken) black beans simmered in beer, with bacon cumin and cilantro served ‘olla’ style in broth.

Swing by for lunch at any of our locations and get your summer Baja fix now…


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