Nashville Chicken Sandwich

J-Fat's Nashville Chicken burger.

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JFAT fans rave over our new ‘Nashville Hot’ Chicken Sandwich

Who knew? What began as a regional specialty has turned into a national trend over that past couple years. Nashville hot chicken has caught on like wildfire, with ‘hot chicken’ restaurants popping up across the country” not to mention the 8 hot chicken restaurants that you can find in Nashville alone. Restaurants in New York, Detroit, Cambridge and even Australia advertise that they fry their chicken Nashville-style. More than 12,000 people showed up for the 2014 Fourth of July Music City ‘Hot Chicken Festival’. The James Beard Foundation recently gave Prince’s Chicken Shack an ‘American Classic Award’ for inventing the dish. Here’s one of their reviews…

“The royalty of Nashville’s hot chicken world, Prince’s was crowned by Gourmet magazine’s annual “Best American Restaurants” issue as one of four don’t-miss dining experiences in Nashville. Everyone from blue-collar working stiffs to working girls to white-shirted bluebloods lines up at the little ordering window inside for a chicken sandwich. All sandwiches come on two slices of white bread with pickles. A word of warning… do not drive or get your fingers anywhere near your eyes while eating hot chicken. Oh, and delay travel plans for at least 24 hours.”

For you JFATheads out there you know we love all things bold & spicy so we had to join in the Nashville fun. Our Buttermilk fried chicken sandwich has been a popular lunchtime favorite since we opened but when we recently introduced our Nashville version the response has been crazy. We’ve had people tell us it’s the best fried chicken sandwich they have ever had.

In our version we take a boneless breast of chicken and marinate it overnight in buttermilk, honey and spices. We then dredge it in our special blend of spiced flour and flash fry it to order. The chicken is then basted with a thin paste flavored with cayenne pepper, garlic, smoked paprika, and brown sugar.  It is served on our signature, buttered Parker House buns with mayonnaise, coleslaw and bread & butter pickles.

It takes about 10 seconds after the first bite for the heat to come on but when it does it stays with you. The weird thing is that after 30 seconds or so you find yourself wanting to have the next bite in order to sustain that glorious spiciness that has engulfed your mouth. Clearly, this dish isn’t for the faint of heart but if you like any level of spicy food you absolutely have to try this. So Get in Here cause we’re bringing it!




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