Tis’ the Season… for Slow Roasted Goodness

Cooked ossi bucco.

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After a lengthy run of 80-plus-degree weather, thanks to the seasonal Santa Anas; cool, clear fall weather has finally arrived and with it the time to embrace those slow-cooked dishes that I love to make, eat and share with friends and family. One of my favorites is the old Italian classic ‘Osso Buco’ which literally means ‘pierced bone’. I don’t … Read More


Finished streusel ready to be eaten.

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I recently shared with my readers that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year, but my favorite season is unquestionably the Christmas season. Thanksgiving has a minimal period of anticipation, mostly by those who actually are cooking the meal, and is pretty much relegated to the big turkey dinner event and maybe a couple days following of leftovers. I … Read More

Lobster Shepherd Pie… A Unique Maine Classic

Lobster shepherd pie being with a spoon in the middle of scooping up.

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As my first post-collegiate job, I spent 4 years working at the Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston where I worked in a series of positions including restaurant manager, food & beverage controller and weekend resident manager of the hotel. The hours are long and intense working in hotels but I loved every minute of it. But when the weekend came, … Read More

Pistachio Tiramisu… An Italian Classic

Finished tiramisu with a ribbon tied around to be used as a gift.

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When I originally bought Sorrento Grilled in Laguna Beach the most popular dessert on the menu was the tiramisu. In fact, for a time it was a de rigueur dessert on every Italian restaurant’s menu that was worth its Sicilian sea salt but then for some unknown reason it began disappearing. Sorrento had been known as a pretty hard core … Read More

Bone Marrow… An Ancient ‘Flintstonian’ Delicacy Revisited

Finished Bone Marrow dish.

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The saying about all things old becoming new again is true. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors instinctively feasted on the marrow inside of the bones of their kill knowing intuitively that it was the most nutritious part of the animal. Years later, many ancient cultures still believed in the medicinal properties of marrow and used it as a special dietary supplement for … Read More

Pumpkin Patch Donut Holes

Cooked pumpkin patch donut holes.

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I don’t know… blame it on the tidal influence of the ‘Great Pumpkin’ rising. Just when I thought I was finished making yet another pumpkin something I watched the 50th anniversary of the Emmy nominated Peanuts Classic “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” and I lost all self-control. All it took was sitting in front of a fireplace while the … Read More

Food as a Celebration of Life, Family & Friends

Two diners enjoying their meals.

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Maybe it’s because of the onset of the holiday season that I have recently started to think about the importance and impact that food has in bringing people together. I spent many years during the holiday season in both the Midwest and the East Coast in my early years and the one clear takeaway was how the cold weather brought … Read More