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A good friend of mine recently asked me how many concepts I had developed, or help developed, in my career and I honestly couldn’t answer. Never having stopped do to a tally, I became curious: so I sat down with pen and paper and started to make the list. I ended up with 20, at least that I could remember, which was many more than I thought. The next question I was asked was which was my favorite, and like your own children, it’s hard to pick favorites. That said, I think the two that were most special to me was my southwestern Kachina and French 75 both located in Laguna Beach the city I moved to in 1976 and have loved ever since.

I have to say, though, the one that has been most satisfying on a personal, rather than creative level, is Jimmy’s Famous. Many of the early concepts often appealed to a bit more of a foodie audience but with JFAT the intent was to create a menu that, while still true to my ‘food is first’ chef cred, also appealed to a broad audience who would use the restaurant for many different types of dining occasions… guys grabbing a burger & beer at the bar, girls night out celebrating a birthday, families relaxing on the weekend with their kids, traditional holiday dinners, and couples looking for a relaxed dinner with wine and friends. The good news is that it worked but what surprised me was the number of ‘regular’s we have in each location. You know who you are… you’re the creatures of habit who order pretty much your favorites each time. I love you guys. The ones, however, who give me the 3:00 AM restaurant nightmares are those that get tired of the’ same ol’ same ol’… you know the “what have you done for me lately?” crowd.

The special menus that we have offered like our Mardi Gras, Summer BBQ, and Oktoberfest celebrations were aimed at keeping you excited about our food and we plan on continuing them in the future. However, what I’m most excited about is the introduction of an ever changing offering of seasonal specials at both lunch, dinner, brunch, and even occasionally at Happy Hour.

Look for these coming to your local JFAT soon along with some recommended beverage pairings. I’ve included a few photos as teasers for what’s to come…

Shrimp Burger

Shrimp Burger

Fried Chicken Bennie

Fried Chicken Bennie

BBQ Pork Cheesebuger

BBQ Pork Cheesebuger


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  1. David Wilhelm

    We recently added the Pulled Pork Sandwich to our menus so you can request the BBQ Pork Cheeseburger anytime!

  2. Dinah Roitz

    I and my family LOVE Jimmys. I also meet clients at your establishment. I work close by at Surterre Properties….
    Great food and Atmosphere. Thanks David

  3. Denise & Paul

    Enjoyed reading your blog. We are definite regulars…can’t stay away from the fried chicken & brussel sprouts! Today is actually my husbands and my 25th anniversary and I was considering going to Jimmy’s, but we’re celebrating later. Just joined the Jimmy’s website….will continue to read and look forward to upcoming chef creations.